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Midas Rex Hands-On

Below you will find descriptions and information for the various Midas-Rex hands-on workshops.

A variety of hands-on workshop courses are available for both Operating Room Personnel (ORP) and Surgeons.

Medtronic Medical Education Center course certificates will be provided upon successful completion of the courses.

These workshops are designed to provide the concepts and principles required to achieve competency in advanced perioperative skills. Through didactic and practicum learning experiences, attendees will increase their knowledge of anatomy and selected surgical treatments. Course certificates and 8.0 nursing contact hours will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the entire course.*

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate assembly/disassembly of the Midas Rex drill system
  • Discuss the Midas Rex Legend nomenclature for attachments and tools
  • Identify tools and attachments
  • Explain safety considerations when using the Midas Rex drill system
  • Describe troubleshooting techniques for the Midas Rex drill system

*The California State Board of Registered Nursing is the credentialing agency that approves Medtronic Midas Rex as a provider of continuing education (Provider Number 13668). The 8.0 nursing contact hours received for attending this workshop can be submitted to the individual’s licensing board. In order to issue a certificate with contact hours you must provide your license or certification number to be included on your certificate. Although the credentialing agency is located in California, the contact hours apply in other states as well. However it will be up to your licensing board as to whether they will accept these contact hours. Contact hours will be awarded based on satisfactory completion of the entire course. Partial credit will not be given.

For enrollment in an ORP course located at global training institute in Fort Worth, Texas, please complete the online registration form.

Medtronic Medical Education Center course certificates will be provided upon completion of the following courses.

Spinal and Cranial for Neurosurgeons
Explore a range of high-speed motors, attachments and, dissecting tools in this hands-on workshop. Anterior spine, posterior spinal and cranial procedures will be simulated. Emphasis is placed on safety considerations and proper selection of tools and attachments for various dissecting techniques.

Spinal for Orthopaedic Surgeons
Anterior and posterior spinal applications will be simulated in this hands-on workshop. Emphasis is placed on safety considerations and proper selection of tools and attachments using a range of high-speed motors for various dissecting techniques.

Advanced Midas Rex Hands-On Workshops for Neurosurgeons and Orthopaedic Surgeons
Resident surgeons-in-training are invited to participate in this hands-on workshop, designed to be a more challenging educational experience and focused on the safe and efficient use of the Midas Rex Drill Systems.

This course includes an overview of the dissecting tools and attachments followed by instruction on bone removal processes. Participants then perform surgical procedures using the Midas drill on human cadaver specimens under the instruction and guidance of their faculty. Use of cadaver specimens allows course participants to engage in motor-skill activities closely approximating the OR experience.

For information on surgeon workshops, please contact Sherry Vinson at