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StealthStation Navigation & Imaging

StealthStation Navigation & Imaging

The StealthStation™ Surgical Navigation System provides surgical staff the ability to accurately navigate patients’ anatomy in the operating room throughout a cranial or spinal procedure. The system is designed to integrate with intraoperative imaging systems and hospital IT networks to provide clinical staff the information they need when they need it. The result is enhanced OR workflow.

The O-arm™ Intra-operative Imaging System provides the surgical team with the information they need, when they need it most. Designed specifically for use by surgeons in standard operating rooms, the O-arm Imaging System, with its patented breakable gantry, yields high-quality imaging for surgical decisions. The large image volume reduces the need for re-centering of the image and allows the surgeon to comfortably handle cases where large areas need to be visualized.

With satellite facilities around the world, the Medtronic Education Center in Louisville, Colorado is located a short distance from Boulder and is approximately 45 minutes from Denver International Airport. This dedicated training center, with clinically seasoned educators, encourages individualized learning and focuses on practical, hands-on learning experiences for our customers.

Our curriculum offers continuing education on surgical imaging and surgical navigation technologies for clinicians, including surgeons and nurses (includes contact hours). The curriculum is designed to provide practical knowledge of the software applications, instrumentation and imaging protocols used with our StealthStation™ and Fusion™ surgical navigation systems and our O-arm™ intra-operative imaging solutions.